A.01 HTML Techniques

General Images

All images that are inserted into HTML code via the IMG tag require an alt attribute defined. The value of the alt attribute is the text equivalent for that image. For example:

Happy face: good choice!

<img src="facehap.gif">

would be changed to:

<img src="facehap.gif" alt="Happy Face">

Graphics that Convey Large Amounts of Information

Adding a text equivalent to a graphic requires a three step process.
  1. Create an additional web page that contains the text description for that graphic.
  2. Add a long description attribute in the HTML tag for that graphic.
  3. Add a small "D" next to the graphic that contains a link to the text equivalent page. The "D" link is recommended but not required.
<img src="graph1.gif" longdesc="graph1.htm" alt="3-d sales chart."> <a href="graph1.htm">D</a>