Vendor Resources

Accessibility tips specific to commercial software packages

Adobe Accessibility Initiatives

Current initiative enable users to convert Adobe PDF files into formats, including HTML and plain text, that screen readers can understand. Adobe has also developed a plug-in for Acrobat for Windows that provides similar functionality on a user’s local system.

Macromedia Accessibility Resources

We support the implementation of international accessibility standards, including the guidelines offered by the World Wide Web Consortium, to guide developers of accessible sites.” (Statement from Macromedia Website) Macromedia provides online resources for making and using their products with web accessibility in mind. There is also a online accessibility checker to examine existing pages created by Macromedia products, such as Flash.

Microsoft Office Accessibility Training

Find out what accessibility means and how people with disabilities experience your documents. Learn about the different accessibility needs of various people and what you should do to make your documents available to them.
Requires Microsoft Office 2003

Building Accessible Web Sites with FrontPage 2003

FrontPage 2003 provides you with the tools you need to create accessible Web sites. You can easily add alternative text to images, apply style sheets, and create accessible image maps—all through a simple interface. With FrontPage 2003, you can run the accessibility checker to identify accessibility problems and use code snippets to include essential metadata. Download the white paper for complete details.