The Web Access Compliance Team offers many forms of training to campus web developers.

Training and support

Group training

A training course will be offered several times throughout the academic year. This course, Making Your Web Pages Accessible to Everyone, will demonstrate how to make your web content accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. The course includes hands-on and demonstration sections.

Sara Clark, Director of Web and New Media, will coordinate, prepare and distribute training guides and teach the course. All University web developers are welcome to the training session.

If you would like to attend a group training session, you can see the class schedule or register online or contact Web Access Compliance Team at 836-5271 or

Open lab hours

If you need additional assistences about web accessibility issues, there are free open lab hours provided to you. You will find these hours posted on the Web Help Desk. Check the Web News page for changes in this schedule.

Personalized Support

The Web Access Compliant Team is directly available by emailing or calling 863-5271. You can contact the WACT for support over the phone or via email. You may also contact us to arrange face-to-face meetings on a as needed basis.

Project resources