O. Navigation

Checkpoint (O) provides a way for the user to skip navigation links which are repetitive from page to page. For example, the links at the top of this page are repetitive.

Skip Repetitive Navigation

Although useful, these repetitive navigation links can frustrate a visually impaired user. Whenever the page changes, a screen reader begins reading the page at the top left corner. This means that:

  • The user must listen to the navigational elements each time a page loads.
  • It may not be clear that the page content has changed since a visually impaired user cannot visually "jump" to the main part of the page.

Skip navigation links consist of two distinct parts.

  • Skip to position

    This is the place where the user will jump once they choose to skip the navigation. It serves as the anchor for the link that is to skip the navigation. Place this tag wherever you wish focus to be given when someone skips your navigation links.

  • Skip navigation link

    This is a link that the user can activate and shift the focus from the current position on a page directly to the content or next section of the page.

Checkpoint (O) Techniques

See the Checkpoint (O) techniques for how instructions on adding skip navigation links.